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New Ways of farming aids growth and efficiency in India's agricultural sector

Published in Technology Sunday, 30 January 2022 17:58



-Turning Farmers Tech-savvy to increase their produce


New Delhi; In agriculture, India is a land of contradictions. The country produces 11 percent of total global agriculture and at the same time host to the world's largest number of malnourished people. Agriculture provides a livelihood for about half of the Indian population most of whom are smallholder farmers yet a majority of government agricultural subsidies are used by medium and large scale farmers.  All the major revolutions were either farm-centric or production centric with barely any farmer income increment for the farmer.


 To address the challenges like weak structure, slow growth, low production, farmer's individual income, the  Indian agriculture sector needs innovation which helps modernization, supported by strong reforms. This is why agritech can play an important role. Agritech gives an amazing open door to connect a few trouble spots that exist in the agri-sector area at present across the value chain, accordingly growing the market potential.With expanding internet  in the nation, the rural areas being the essential driver of this success, India stands exceptional to adjust to changing procedures in farming


Many analysts anticipate that this year will see a greater number of farmers using agritech solutions and that rural India will continue to digitalize. The agricultural value chain in India is being addressed by the Indian agritech ecosystem. Agritechis here to stay, and 2022 is anticipated to be the biggest year yet for agritech businesses, surpassing 2021 believes the founder’s of Neem Tree Agro.


Started in 2019, Based in Delhi. Neem Tree Agro Solutions, a SaaS (Software as a Service) based AgTech company focused on delivering economical, efficient and adaptable cutting edge solutions for every farmer in the nation. The services harness the power of data and Artificial Intelligence based decision support systems for enhanced quality and quantity of produce. They established a mission to provide farmers with knowledge, technology, marketing and extension services for improved quality and quantity of produce by efficient adoption of technology. The company focuses on the efficient use of big data to provide a decision support system for the farmers. It also provides quick and easy access to the farmers through their designated app.


 They concentrate on Indian agriculture's developing white spaces, which are ripe for disruption. Neem Tree Agro Solutions is a journey which was started by 3 youngsters. Such has their vision been, Country's Prestigious university IIT and premier trade body Nasscom , FITT, CIENA have shown interest and confidence in their model and joined them as investors in working towards a common goal of revolutionizing farming by providing easy and innovative technology, Improved planning, knowledge, marketing and extension services. Still very young, one(Paras Jain) still pursuing his, the trio of founders have shown great integrity and strength in achieving success and have utmost confidence in their unique business model. Belief by such investors has proved that they might be new to the game but have enough to reach the top.


It is one of the few end-to-end agritech players and have  established the end-to-end relationship with the farmer, right from input selection and delivery to crop management. They can input data across these stages to offer services to create value across the chain.

 The company observed in rural area, the farmers like to have a one-stop solution for their concern which is currently an inputs retailer. The company has the potential to replicate the same on a digital platform with the new-age approach, with several farmers having already adopted it. Hereafter, Digital farming and connected farm services can impact millions of Indian farmers. A technology- enabled approach to farming management that observes, measures, and analyzes the needs of individual fields and crops and uses the data in a smart way to optimize farming operations. Good digital usage and analytics helps in better output prediction and quality maximization and helps in risk management. It’ll help to enhance preventive care and increase producer-consumer satisfaction.


The day is not far when we shall see things like AI-enabled robots, IOT based smart irrigation systems, integrated automatic tractors as envisioned by "Neem Tree Agro Solutions". This can lead to huge cost savings by reducing the need for approximately 4 agricultural laborers per acre of land.  Mr. Dhiresh,  Co- Founder & C.E.O, Mr. Paras Jain, Co- Founder and C.T.O, Mr. Nishant Chauhan, Co- Founder,  CFO & Head (R&D) of Neem Tree Agro Solutions.

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