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India’s Most Comprehensive Clinic for Adult Congenital Heart Diseases Opens at Amrita Hospital

Published in Health Sunday, 13 February 2022 17:26

The first-of-its-kind clinic brings specialized, coordinated care to adults suffering from heart defects since birth, who need lifelong supervision from multiple sub-specialists

KOCHI  – India’s most comprehensive Adult Congenital Heart Diseases (ACHD) Clinic has opened at the 1,300-bed Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences in Kochi. The state-of-the-art facility brings specialized, coordinated care to adults suffering from heart defects since birth who need supervision from multiple sub-specialists. Amrita ACHD Clinic is the one-of-its-kind center of excellence in the country for ACHD patients which provides all medical care services needed for their expert care, under the same roof.

ACHD, a subspecialty of cardiology, deals with heart diseases in adults that are present since birth, in contrast to coronary artery disease and rheumatic or degenerative valve diseases, which develop later in life. The Amrita ACHD Clinic offers capabilities such as advanced cardiac imaging, pulmonary hypertension services, catheter-based diagnostic and treatment procedures, special expertise in complex congenital cardiac surgery and cardiac anesthesia, high-risk obstetrics, and fetal cardiology, pre-pregnancy counselling, pregnancy and contraception advice, and financial and social advocacy guidance to patients.

Said Dr.Navaneeth aSasikumar, Clinical Associate Professor – Pediatric Cardiology at Amrita Hospital, who heads the Amrita ACHD clinic: “The pediatric cardiac department of Amrita hospital has been providing care that meets the highest international standards at affordable costs. Thousands of children thus benefitted have now grown into adults.They have a special set of needs and challenges in patient care, which is best served by a  focused ACHD team”. The Amrita ACHD Clinic ensures the delivery of coordinated care from multiple sub-specialists. The center collaborates with internationally reputed ones for research and training.

She added: “The incidence of congenital heart disease  is 8 per thousand live births. One-fourth to one-third of these patients require an operation or catheter intervention before the first birthday to survive. As pediatric cardiac care is not available and accessible to vast populations in the country, there is also a large burden of un-operated patients who have survived to adulthood and  need special assessment and care. The vast majority of ACHD patients can be managed by carefully adding and adjusting medications based on their clinical status. The rest can be treated with open-heart surgery or catheter-based interventions. Very complicated cases might even need a heart transplant.”

Said Dr.NavaneethaSasikumar: “Some patients would need complex open-heart surgeries under cardiopulmonary bypass. Others can be treated without open-heart surgery using interventional catheterization. At our center, we can do a large number of procedures without resorting to open-heart surgery, including the opening of blocked valves, closing of holes in the heart, opening of blocked blood vessels and even changing of valves.”


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