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Smart appliances across price segments to help upgrade homes this summer

Published in New Launches Tuesday, 18 April 2023 17:13

New Delhi, : The typical scorching summers are almost here and for most Indians finding ways to beat the summers becomes a major priority. Summers are one of the longest seasons in India starting from March and extending till September in some parts of the country. Therefore, investing in high-tech appliances is one of the best ways to not only upgrade your homes but also stay comfortable during the hot and humid months.
Here’s a list of the most high-tech appliances, packed with smart features that will be perfect to bear the summer heat.
If you are looking to upgrade/change your fans, now’s the perfect time to do so as Usha has just launched the Onio Series – its biggest range of BEE 5-Star rated fans with 100% copper BLDC motors. These fans come with the promise of energy efficiency, silent operation, best-in-class air delivery, durability, and will add a high-end premium decor feel.
Among the fans launched are the Upsilon, PHI, Lambda ranges, which come with an RF remote and an added safety wire for enhanced protection. The Onio series of fans come with free installation and free home-service for two years along with a 2-year warranty on the motor and the remote.
The Hindware Spectra i-Pro 36L IoT enabled Personal air cooler comes with high air delivery of 1450 m³/hr and adjustable air flow control to make sure your comfort is not compromised. It is equipped with an additional ice chamber to give optimal cooling and comes with a 4-way air deflection and motorized Vertical Louvers. For ease of maintenance, it comes with honeycomb pad and has a water level indicator to alert user before it needs a refill. Additionally, it features a stylish soft-touch panel making it easy for consumers to operate while also adding to the overall aesthetic appeal.
The Usha AEROSTYLE 100 Air Coolers work super efficiently during the dry scorching summer months and Usha's Aerostyle line of air coolers offers the best of both, aesthetic design, and superior function. The Aerostyle range of air coolers is built with large 45.5 cm blade fans, powerful air throw upto 12m, and fast cooling making them the ideal addition to your home as you prep for the onslaught of summer.
The Aerostyle coolers’ superior honeycomb and ice chamber with shower distribution system guarantees a strong cooling experience and they come with humidity control and auto drain.  Additionally, their front louvres, which are fully closable help keep out dust and mosquitoes, making maintenance a breeze.
Being prepared with an efficient cooling appliance is the perfect way to beat the heat. The Kinouchi air conditioners come with supersonic cooling features that cools the room 20x faster than regular ACs. In addition to this, the series provides optimum cooling even at extreme temperatures of up to 60 degrees Celsius. The Haier Kinouchi air conditioners with Smart features lets you monitor and control the air conditioner simply on your smartphone. You can also operate the AC through your smart devices including Alexa and Google Home operational through just voice command. With the Smart Haier App you can create your own 7-day cooling schedule, get reminders on cleaning or changing filters and monitor daily energy consumption.

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