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Usha launches new products to furtherstrenghten Kitchen Appliances Portfolio

Published in New Launches Monday, 06 September 2021 18:21

Calypso 30LOTG: This versatile oven is the go-to for those who want both healthy and tasty food. The Turbo Convection fan blows hot air over the ingredients at high velocity,for better cooking and a really crispy surface while keeping the insides succulent and juicy. A great feature of the Calypso is its Air Fry function, which allows you to make french fries, wedges, samosas, and other goodies using just a fraction of the oil typically needed for deep frying, making for healthy and tasty snacks that you can consume without any guilt. The Calypso is not just a performer, but a looker too – its smart digital display with rotary controls allows easy selection of settings, and the modern design lines add an elegance to the kitchen. Besides all the regular baked goods like cakes lasagna, fritters, and quiches, you can also experiment and create healthier versions of great starter and snacks including chicken wings, baked mathris, kebabs, and much more.MRP:15990/-Rs.

Usha Trienergy+ Mixer Grinder: Boasting India’s first QuadriFlow Square shape blender jar with a 6-fin whirlwind blade this 800 W 4-jar Mixer Grinder from Ushais perfect for fast and fresh  smoothies taking up the blending experience many notches. The Square corners of Quadri flow jar fold the ingredients back onto the wider diameter whirlwind blade efficiently blending all pulpy, hard or fibrous ingredients including fruits, nuts, or leafy vegetables. Its high torque copper motor ensures a longer life and its shockproof ABS body comes in an attractive dual tone with a sparkle finish that adds a premium classy touch to your kitchen.This mixer grinder is super versatile and great for those who enjoy making home-made masalas, flours of various grains, nut butters and, of course, batters for various vadas, cheelas, chutneys and a lot more. What’s more, it crushes ice!MRP:7390/- Rs.

Usha Rice Cooker RC 3718S: The new Usha Rice Cooker is literally a fill it, shut it, and then wait it to work its magic, making for easy and hassle-free cooking. The 1.8 litre (L) capacity, 700 W pot comes with a two year warranty and can easily cook 1 kg of rice in one go. But that's not all. The Rice Cooker does so much more – it can steam, boil, bake, warm, and cook with just one button. The in-built thermostat and heating plate makes food taste perfect every time andthe two-stage thermal safety mechanism silently stands guard over your food, preventing your food from being over-cooked.The tempered glass easy-view lid lets you watch over your food while it cooks, and is break- resistant, with its steel rim keeping it safe from the daily wear and tear. The versatility of this rice cooker allows you to prepare a range of dishes right from breakfast favorites like upma and poha to flavored vegetables, curries, and biryanis. The Usha Rice Cooker simplifies cooking to give you consistently great results, and its dual heating elements for cooking and keep warm,water level indicator, andside handles make cooking, and carrying, a breeze, making it a must have for your kitchen. It really is one of the best investments you can make for your kitchen, coz it’s Usha – the Perfect Rice Cooker!MRP:4090/- Rs.

Usha Colossal DLX:This Wet Grinderfrom Usha is designed to grind ingredients into a buttery smooth batter.It has Dual Flow Breakers for finer grinding as theykeep the ingredients cooler andthe batter smoother, and a secure arm lock that ensures safety. Its Uthukuli (Tamil Nadu) stones make for superior grinding quality and even at a low speed of 130 rpm, the machine’s design enables it to press and separate the layers of soaked rice and pulses. Thelow temperature grinding helps in retaining the authentic taste and nutrition of the ingredients and its powerful 800 Watt mixer grinder comes with a 100% copper motor with a 10-year warranty – all in all making for longer life and superior performance. Living up to its name the Usha Colossal DLX grinds the toughest ingredients with ease, with its low temperature operation is best suited for continuous grinding.So here’s to some perfect dosa, idli and vada batters that can be done right, easily and comfortably.MRP: 7890/- Rs.

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