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South Live Network, HW News Network join hands to target 10 Pct of digital audience in India

Published in General Thursday, 15 February 2018 12:42

As an ongoing strategic process, HW News tied up with South Live, one of the Top 5 digital portals for news in Kerala. The coalition as such, is a great privilege for it forms to be an association of two digital portals that are bold, unbiased and clear in their respective brand communications.

HW News, being an upright news channel that shatters all stereotypes and South Live being a prime digital platform that brings about an innovation in the sphere of news with the power of fearless journalism came together to take their vision of providing impartial and evocative news to new levels.
Casting more light onto this tactical shift, Mr. Sujit Nair, Chairman of HW News Network, says, "As a strategy, HW News Network brings under one umbrella regional news networks to:
a) To bring about authentic news, on-ground reality, and understanding with the help of regional brand leaders.
b) To create distribution web for the network platforms.
c) To target 10 percent of digital audience in India in the next one year by getting together like-minded digital news portals
d) To accelerate digital news growth in India
Considering the numbers to be this striking, this collaboration of HW News and South Live would certainly make an extensive impact on consumption of news.
Both the platforms, that roll out a horde of news items across different genres, with HW News specializing in churning out political stories, aim to have a far-reaching impact of authentic journalism especially in the stream of politics.

South Live with its News Interactive and HW News Network with its positioning of Unbiased and Authentic news together will only open doors to a new world of News that will change the age-old perception of unilateral biased media to an interactive and unbiased one, thus changing the way news is both rolled out and consumed.
Marking his content on the collaboration, Dr. Sebastian Paul, Chairperson of South Live, says, "South Live which is an Interactive News Channel, is indeed happy to tie up with HW News Network which shares our views and ideologies. We are sure this partnership will fuel growth for both the parties and the industry as a whole."
The association with HW news is a stepping stone for the company as a national player, says Saji Kurian, Managing Director of Southlive. Southlive has been constantly addressing the issues of Malayalees all around the world and taking stern stands to rectify it. Southlive holds the 05th position among the news portals in Malayalam. With the advent of the 4G technology 'Internet Highway' has become a reality. Digital media has started to incorporate more of video in to their content plans. by 2019-20, we wish to become one among the major players in the video platform. The association with HW News will helps us to boost up our plans at a larger scale, he added.

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