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Marketing Guru Adit Chouhan launches his first book “Marketing - Tricks of the Trade They Won't Teach You at B-Schools!”

Published in General Tuesday, 10 October 2017 17:40

A first-of-its-kind ready reckoner Marketing Handbook aimed to help Management Students, Fresh Marketing Professionals and Young Entrepreneurs

With the recent advancements in the Media and Marketing Fraternity, Businesses are leaving no stone unturned when it comes to marketing themselves. But, are they doing it the right way? Especially, Entrepreneurs and Bootstrapped Startups?With the ongoingStart-Up Trend, everyone wants to be heard. To solve this very whole Marketing-Management-Chaos, Adit Chouhan, a renowned marketing expert, recently launched his first book “Marketing - Tricks of the Trade They Won't Teach You at B-Schools!” in Pune. Seasoned industry professionals such as Padma Bhushan Dr. S.B. Majumdar - Founder and President, Symbiosis,  Amit Thete - General Manager, Marketing & CRM – Mercedes Benz, India, Mrs. Kiran Bhat – Managing Director, Xebec Communications Pvt. Ltd., Mahesh M. - CEO, Ishanya, etc.were present during the event. An open-for-all event, the launch was followed by a Panel Discussion on Bridging the Gap between B-School Marketing Education and the actual Corporate Requirements between the Panelists moderated by the Author. Audience also got to participate in the discussion and ask questions related to the Marketing Field.

Adit through his step-by-step guidelines in the Book has explained Marketing Concepts, Planning and Execution to help management students, fresh marketing professionals and young entrepreneurs gain practical knowledge of marketing and speed up their careers. The book is a ready reckoner marketing handbook which can act as a Practical Guide to Marketing. The book, now available on Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart and most of the major offline stores across India, has already picked up a lot of endorsements from senior Industry Leaders working with major organizations like Flipkart, Times Network, Amity Business School, MobiKwik, CIBA and Indus Business Academy. Published by Rupa Publications, the book aims at becoming a part of every B-Schools’ curriculum to prepare better Marketers for the Industry.

Adit Chouhan, Author of the Book & Renowned Marketing Expert, comments, “No management school prepares a budding marketing professional for the real world. Most business courses end up offering only theoretical knowledge on marketing. Filling in this crucial gap, this book offers practical tips to marketing strategy, planning and execution. It is a quick guide to the hands-on side of marketing as opposed to the hundreds of theoretical books available on the subject. And, I feel it will be of great help to management students interested in a marketing career, fresh marketing professionals who have recently started working and budding entrepreneurs coming from non-marketing fields.”
Padma Bhushan Dr S. B. Mujumdar, Founder and President, Symbiosis, says, “To the best of my knowledge, Adit is the first ex-Symbiosis who has written a book on Marketing. Although theory is always important but, I feel, his book brings in many practical aspects of marketing in detail guiding students and marketers from planning till execution and then analysis. I also found his writing style very friendly, conversational and non-boring.”

Amit Thete - General Manager, Marketing & CRM – Mercedes Benz, India, says, “it's good to see a literature which speaks about the grassroots of marketing from someone's hands on experience. Much relevant & rational for the beginner professionals, the book can act as a mentor in itself for a proper onboarding of young marketers to the real world.Adit’s style of writing is simple making it easier to understand the topics covered."

Hemant Arora, Senior Vice President, Times  Network and Business Head, Times Influence, commenting on the book, says, “This book is not about theory or 35,000 feet perspective but about ground reality of Marketing in every chapter. The core KRA’s of marketing as a function are manifested in form of each of the chapters in a sequential, logical way to the extent that one could achieve excellence in marketing by ensuring a focus on each one of them. Should be picked up by everyone who is; and who wants to be a part of the religion called Marketing.”

Praseed Prasad, Head of Media, Flipkart says, “It's great to see that we have such books coming out especially from young wizards like Adit, as they would definitely bring in a new perspective to new age marketing.”

Col(Dr) Sneh V Sharma, Director General, Amity Business School, Pune/Mumbai says, “This book would be extremely resourceful and ingenious for management students, entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs; and can prove to be an excellent guide for marketing professionals beginning their careers. The specialty of the book is in practical know-how of the marketing concepts and its talking about something beyond the so-called marketing jargons.”

Prasad Menon, CEO, Centre for Incubation and Business Acceleration (CIBA), Navi Mumbai, shares his views, “AditChouhan’s no nonsense narrative style makes it appear as if he is sitting with you in a café’ and providing you with an insider’s guide to do your marketing job. All management students, interns, first time marketers and fresh entrepreneurs will benefit from his straight talk and tips on how to plan and execute their marketing plan.”

Manish Jain, Founder and CEO, Indus Business Academy, Bengaluru, comments, “Interesting book on marketing. Communication is very clear and easy to understand. The author has succeeded in covering all aspects of Media marketing from basics to details. Must read for Media and Digital marketing enthusiasts. Highly recommended!!!”

About Adit Chouhan:Adit Chouhan has been a Marketer for more than a decade and comes with a valuable experience from various sectors like Retail, Real Estate, Events, Outdoor Media and Business Consulting. Adit is currently running a Digital Marketing Firm in Pune called CLICKS Technologies and is working on another Lifestyle services based Social Commerce start-up called Style My Life. Along with that, he works with Edupristine as a Visiting Faculty and trains working professionals in Digital Marketing. He also provides Marketing Consulting to a very few clients who approach him organically via his network.
An Electronics and Communication Engineer, Adit completed his post-grads in Marketing and Communications from Symbiosis Institute of Telecom Management, Pune and finally found his calling in Digital Marketing and Coaching. An Entrepreneur at heart, Adit also enjoys hosting events as a professional Emcee whenever an opportunity arises.
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